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  • Do I have to make reservations?

Yes! However it can be on the day you want to take the tour if tour space is available. We suggest making reservations in advance of  the day you are wanting to take the tour to guarantee you a spot. This is a 6-passenger airboat, therefore seats fill up quickly! 


  • Will I have to sign a liability waiver?



  • What happens if it rains or the weather conditions are dangerous?

Safety is our #1 concern. That being said, we will run trips in light rain and moderate weather conditions. It is only if the conditions are dangerous that the trip would be cancelled and you would be able to reschedule your tour. The Captain will make this decision and communicate directly with the customer. 


  • Are children allowed? 

Children are allowed on the tour, please know that passengers will need to be able to sit in the airboat bench-style seats. Parents are responsible for determining whether the tour is safe for their child and must notify the Captain if children will be coming. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 


  • Where will the tour go?

Depending on weather the tour can cover the Choctawhatchee Bay, Choctawhatchee River, or the Intracoastal. 


  • What will we see? Are we going to see alligators?

We will see an abundance of wildlife including alligators, fish, snakes, frogs, a variety of birds, and much more! Because these are wild animals, we cannot guarantee any sightings. The Captain will do his best to show you as much wildlife as possible!


  • Can we feed the wildlife?

No, you are not allowed to feed wildlife on the tour.


  • Can I bring my camera?

Yes! There will be many photo opportunities during the tour. Please know that the Captain nor company are responsible for any damages or loss of valuable goods.


  • What should I wear?

Dress comfortably and keep in mind that the temperature on the boat drops once the boat is moving and the wind chill factor is present. We recommend dressing for the days forecast and bringing an extra layer especially during cooler months of the year. We recommend wearing sun protection. Please know that the Captain nor company are responsible for any attire (hats, sunglasses, etc) that are lost or damaged during the tour. 


  • Will I get wet on the tour?

Always a possibility.


  • What is an airboat? How fast does it go?

An airboat is a flat hulled boat with bench-style seating, a propeller in the back serves as the engine and rudder for steering. While we generally average 25mph, the boat has the capacity to travel much faster. The Captain is in charge of staying at a speed that is safe for all passengers.


  • Is the airboat safe?

Yes, the airboat is very safe and stable on the water.


  • Is the trip suitable for pregnant women?

We recommend consulting with your doctor prior to purchasing your tickets.


  • Will I get seasick?

It is rare that people get seasick as our boat is very stable. For guests who are concerned, they should take preventive measures prior to the tour.


  • Are restrooms available at the tour site or during the tour?

The public boat ramp does not have restrooms.


  • Is ear protection required?

YES! (Provided) It is mandatory that all passengers on the tour wear ear protection.


  • Is there shade on the boat?

No, so be sure to wear sun protection or gear for those hot and sunny days.


  • Is the boat wheelchair accessible?

The boat itself is not wheelchair accessible. 


  • Is there space to store my belongings?

Yes, there is space to store small belongings. The Captain nor the company are responsible for any lost or damaged belongings.


  • Is their a tip included in the ticket price?

No, the tip is not included in the ticket price. Our Captain works extremely hard and while in no way is tipping required a tip is always appreciated for a job well done!


  • Is smoking allowed on the boat?

Smoking is prohibited anywhere on the boat.


  • Is alcohol allowed on the tour?

Alcohol is prohibited on the tour. The Captain has the right to deny services to passengers.


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